The History of The Binch-Hunt Generation - Page One

 Introducing the Hunt Family
Grand-Ma Sarah Ann Binch (nee Hunt) had four sisters and two brothers:
Aunt Charlotte
(nee Hunt)
Who married William Bush of Strath-bogie and had two girls and one boy: Eliza, Alice and William
Elize married Mr James Bell of Wensleydale
Alice married Mr Broughton of Strath-bogie
William married and remained in Strath-bogie
Aunt Hester
(nee Hunt)
Who married Mr Frank Shepard, and had two girls and four boys:
Jean married Mr Thomas Broughton of Balnarring
May married Mr J Gibson of Melbourne
The boys being: Albert, Arthur, Ruben, and Walter Sheperd
Aunt Emma
(nee Hunt)
Married Mr Geo Southall in Gippsland and had two boys: George and John Southall. The father being a bigamist, he had a wife and family in England. Aunt Emma went back to Connewarre with her mother and father, and went back to work. Aunt Emma later re-married Mr Herritage, and had no family.
Aunt Eliza
(nee Hunt)
Married Robert Bartlett, and had 3 girls and six boys:
Emma married Jack Jennings
Lily married Mr Henry Brown
Clare married Mr Paterson
The boys being: Frederick, Charlie, Arthur, Ernest, Thomas and James
Uncle Bill
Married Aunt Annie of Bellbrae, and had one girl and one boy:
Annie married Mr Fred Cooke of Geelong
Jack married Miss Sophie Rau
Uncle Fred
Married Mary "Polly" Bone, and they had no children.
They lived in Skene Street, Newtown, Geelong.
Grand-Dad David William Binch had three sisters and one brother:
Aunt Maria
(nee Binch)
Married Mr Penticost of New Zealand and had two daughters:
Vicky married Mr Walter Neate
Cissy married
Aunt Sarah
(nee Binch)
Married John Kirby, and had two daughters:
Adelaide and
Sarah who married Mr Edward Turner of Queenscliff
Aunt Polly
(nee Binch)
Married Mr James Payne, and had one daughter:
Mary married Mr Jack Ryan of Hope Street, West Geelong
Uncle Sam
Married Edie Payne and had five daughters and four sons:
Edie, Ettie, May, Elsie and Amy
Sam, Arthur, Bill and Fredrick

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