BinchFamily.com is intended to be a resource for members of the Binch family around the world in doing their family history research. It is a place for us to share our research, collaborate with others doing the same research, and to archive our research for the following generations. Since technologies change, this website may not last through several generations of time, so I will periodically make a backup of this site available to everyone involved in this effort. If you are interested in contributing to this website, please do so. You can start by introducing yourself on the discussion board, or you can email my email address below.

How to contribute

The best way to contribute to the Binch Family History Archive is to share what you have. If you have stories about your ancestors, please type them out and share them. If you have old photos, you can scan them and send them in with names and dates if available. If you have documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates please scan those and send them in so that the record will be preserved. If you have been keeping your information in a gedcom file, you can send those in also and they can be uploaded to our ancestors section. We are grateful for whatever you can contribute.

Please send your research to my email address below.

Steve Binch

Contact Information

Steve Binch
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144


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